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DANCE at LSC Programs

Rockland School of Ballet – is Celebrating 10 Fabulous Years of Dancing in Mid-coast Maine! Open House is Saturday, August 18 from 9am-12noon. 

All Classes are on-going and progressive beginning September 10, 2007 and going through May 16, 2008.  There is a student performance May 10. Tuition is $324.00 for the year ($36.00/month) for one student registered/one class per week. There are discounts for additional family members.  Please contact Miss Emily at the Rockland School of Ballet regarding the required dance attire  specific to each class, or for any other information: 542-3556 or 354-0834 or email: Check us out on the web:

Early Childhood Program
Baby Dancers, Tiny Dancers, and Primary Dancers are part of Rockland Ballet School's Leap 'n Learn Early Childhood Program. This program is designed to provide children from 3 to 6 years old with a strong foundation in dance and movement teaching the basic elements of: space and how we relate to it, both as an individual and as a member of a group; 8 basic locomotor movements; musical rhythm, beat and time; opposites and directions; and some elementary positions of ballet. Integrated are concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, teamwork, and basic body/health awareness.

Baby Dancers
Thursday 9:00-9:45, Friday 9:00-9:45
This class is creative movement and basic ballet for ages 3 - 4.
Tiny Dancers
Wednesday 1:30-2:15, Tap option 2:15-2:30
Thursday 4:15-5:00, Tap option 5:00-5:15
Creative movement, basic ballet, and basic tap for ages 4.5 - 5.
Primary Dancers
Tuesday 3:45-4:30, Tap option 4:30-4:45, Primary Jazz option 4:45-5:00
Thursday 1:30-2:15, Tap option 2:15-2:30, Primary Jazz option 2:30-2:45
Ballet, creative movement, and tap for ages 5.5 - 6.5

Junior Dance Program
Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Tap 1, Tap 2, Junior Jazz, and World Beat are part of Rockland Ballet School's Junior Dance Program which is designed for children ages 6.5 - 12. Building upon the concepts in the Leap 'n Learn program adding the introduction of barre exercises, attention to correct placement, and more complicated movement patterns. This level also allows for children with no previous dance experience.
Tap 1
Wednesday 3:50-4:05
This class for ages 7 - 9 is beginner tap and precedes the Ballet 1 to encourage and promote exploration into another dance expression for the extreme novice, as well as continue the tap dance education for those students coming out of the Leap 'n Learn program. Miss Emily always recommends that children interested in tap class enroll in ballet class as well. This class is no charge for those students taking Ballet 1.

Ballet 1
Wednesday 4:05-5:05
This class for students age 7 - 9 is primarily ballet and includes creative movement concepts.

Junior Jazz
Wednesday 5:05-5:30
This class is for students age 7 - 9 taking Ballet 1. This is an introduction to the basics of jazz dance movement. Students will learn important jazz dance  technique , as well as various jazz dance styles.  Music will be varied in style as well as genre, and careful attention will be paid to the more modern music for lyric content.  


Ballet 2
Monday 4:00-5:00
This class is intermediate ballet for ages 10 - 16 with some advanced students joining for their second class per week requirement.
World Beat
Monday 5:00-6:00
In World Beat we explore tap and jazz dance as well as other dance styles from around the world possibly including but not limited to African, Latin, Russian, Spanish, and includes modern dance (creative movement concepts). Enrollment in ballet class is required.

Youth Dance Program 
All Teen classes are part of Rockland Ballet School's Youth Dance Program which is designed for teens with previous ballet training, (except the beginner class), ages 12 and up. At this level classes have a strong emphasis on good technique and are designed to promote artistry, and musicality along with physical strength, flexibility and alignment. Individual and group correction and instruction are given and questions are encouraged. This level includes a complete barre, center adagio, pirouettes in the center, petit allegro, grand allegro, and turns across the floor. Combinations are repeated several times to promote quick memory and physical stamina.
Beginner Teen Ballet
No class scheduled at this time - please call
This class is beginner ballet designed for the teen with little or no ballet training. It includes learning the basic positions, as well as barre, center floor and across floor exercises. Students will receive attention to correct placement and learn ballet terminology. This class is progressive while strengthening the body and mind and is required for beginning dancers who are members of 'Company Jazz'.

Company Jazz
No Company Jazz at this time -please call
COMPANY JAZZ is Rockland's exciting new youth jazz dance company for all types of new members, from beginner dancers through advanced, from shy to vivacious and dynamic. Company Jazz provides young dancers with knowledge and excitement for jazz dance while aiming to perform out in the community several times a year in various venues. There will be strong focus on technique and exercises as the company strives to build a repertoire of dances while always working on new choreography. Company Jazz members are required to take ballet class for the alignment, balance, strength, discipline, and terminology that ballet provides. All members will be encouraged to choreograph combinations or whole dances. Membership is by application.
Advanced Ballet 3/4/5
Thursday 2:45-3:45
This class is designed for the more advanced and serious teen student.

Pre-Pointe/Beginning Pointe
Thursday 3:45-4:15
For ages 13 and up. It should be understood that pointe is not the study of a new technique. Dancing on the toes is a serious undertaking and many important factors must be taken into consideration before a student is ready to take pointe class. Miss Emily will consider and evaluate length and intensity of study, age and bone development, strength, anatomy of the foot and ankle, correct placement/ body alignment and posture, body weight and growth spurts, as well as the dancer's attitude in class.

Adult Dance - Lovely Dancing Ladies Mostly Over 35
Jazz, Modern, and Tap Dance 
Monday 6:15-7:30
Thursday 10:00-11:00
This class is for adults of all ages and all experiences.  This is a mixed age and multi-level class. No previous dance experience necessary.  Dancers may wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and will need jazz shoes and tap shoes which can be ordered through Rockland Ballet School.

Ballet Barre Stretch
Thursday 11:00-12:15
This class will mainly be gentle ballet barre exercises for stretching, strengthening, and balance. This class will move at a moderately slow pace and is open to adults of all ages who are interested in this type of exercise. 

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