Awareness Through Movement

Ongoing Feldenkrais classes Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. studio 22,
starting March 4th. Cost is $10/class -- 5-6pm, 1 hour
drop-ins are always welcome.
Any questions/requests for information,
please contact Cynthia -- phone: 831 0891
or email:

Awareness Through Movement®

In these Feldenkrais lessons, Cynthia verbally
leads students through engaging, gentle and
fun movement explorations, safely breaking
down complete actions into their smaller movement
components. Avoiding pain and strain,
each student has the opportunity to explore old
habits of moving and find new possibilities for more
functional, comfortable movement. As students
master how they can learn more effectively, they
gain awareness of how the mind (intention) and
body (action) can work together more smoothly
with increased ease and control. Improvement of
movement leads to reduction or elimination of pain
as well as enhancement of sensing, feeling
and thinking in all areas of life. It is a wonderful
way to honor practices like yoga and tai chi.

Iinstructor's bio:

Cynthia Birney is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais
Teacher® with an extensive background in movement
improvement. Her first love, riding horses,
led her to England in 1972 where she studied
with Robert Hall, one of Britain’s Olympic
equestrian coaches. Her years of teaching riding
were outstanding preparation for the 4 year
Feldenkrais teacher training she entered in 1998.
Since graduating in 2002, she has worked
extensively with people in pain and with trauma
survivors, as well as with people suffering from
a variety of neurological impairments and with
students simply wanting more fluidity in their
movement and in their life. Cynthia’s style is
easy, gentle and practical. She offers her
students novel, pleasurable ways to understand
how functional movement can be profoundly



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